For those of you looking for a fresh platform to browse through movie titles, Primewire is a good place to start your search. The site features a very minimalistic design, taking out all of the fluff usually cluttering other free platforms for TV series and movies.

Why it’s worth your attention

It enables you to pick one of several quality standards which is super-useful whenever you find yourself without a good Wi-Fi connection but want to watch a flick. Picking a lower quality format will make sure you don’t run out of the data, served by your carrier.

Primewire features an immensely large library of titles in both movies and TV series, even though it’s not very flashy on the eye.

On the movie’s page, you can find the two things you don’t usually get at other similar free movie streaming platforms. First, you can search movies by actor/actress which is awesome whenever you just want to watch something new, without spending hours on picking a film. Second, below the list of links there’s a “similar movies” section. Browse it to figure out what your next movie should be.