For those who are looking for alternatives to 123movies and who want to watch movies in HD, is a good option to consider. The registered users can enjoy the latest hits in HD quality format which is a rare thing for such free streaming platforms.

Why we like it

It addition to serving fully HD movies, the site makes it easy to browse through most popular titles by displaying the collections “Latest movies” and “Top 100 movies” right on the homepage. You can start your chase after a good flick to watch this evening here and now, with no to click through to some other pages and look for information there.

At the movie’s page, you’ll find IMDB scoring which helps you to steer clear of unworthy titles that will only waste your time. Also, there’s a short bio and a list of clickable genres for you to explore a wider sampling of movie like the one you view.

There’s usually a sufficient number of links for each movie, so you’ll definitely find a link that’ll work fine.